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74,54 EUR*
Details Olive-Wood-Rustic-Cutting-Board-34-cm-Wooden-Cutting-Board-Bread-Cutting-Board-Handcrafted-Wooden-Board-Wooden-Chopping-Board

A truly unique handcrafted olive wood bread cutting board. This beautiful piece is made from a solid piece of durable and dense older trees that no longer produce fruits. A beautiful unique grains in each item that has been aged and treated with olive ...

69,94 EUR*
Details Franke-1120255966Kitchen-Cutting-Board-Kitchen-Cutting-Boards-Black

BeschreibungRuestbrett Kunststoff schwarz/telegrauTechnische DatenBezeichnung: Franke Ruestbrett Kunststoff schwarz/telegrauUnterschrankbreite ab (cm): Gewicht (kg): 1,28

14,69 EUR*
Details Cricut-Cutting-Mats-12-x-12-Standard-Grip-Cutting-Mat-Grn-2-Pack

PROVO CRAFT-Cricut Cutting Mat. This multi-purpose mat is perfect for a wide range of medium-weight materials, including patterned paper, vinyl, iron-on and cardstock. This package contains two 12x12 inch standard grip cutting mat. Imported.

18,60 EUR*
Details Cutting-Cords-Cutting-Cords-Series

Cutting Cords When Sloan Driscoll and Cole Fujiwara become reluctant roommates, neither man is willing to share too much. Sloan is instantly attracted to Cole but knows it's a hopeless cause; Cole has a steady girlfriend. But one night they share a ...

13,60 EUR*
Details Cricut-Cutting-Tools-Premium-Metal-Cutting-Blade

Provo Craft-Cricut Premium Cutting Blade. Durable and custom designed for sharp, precise cuts. Has a new blade geometry for improved accuracy. Resists wear and breakage for improved accuracy. Optimized for the Cricut Explore Smart Set dial longer life ...

18,16 EUR*
Details The-Tattered-Lace-Magazine-Issue-23-with-Delicate-Congratulations-Cutting-Die-Cutting-by-Tattered-Lace

Issue 23 of the wildly popular Tattered Lace Magazine;Comes with a lovely Delicate Congratulations cutting die.;Includes paper made to work perfectly with the featured dies!;Step-by-step tutorials for using various Tattered Lace Cutting Dies (sold ...

176,55 EUR*
Details Industrial-Cutting-of-Textile-Materials-Woodhead-Publishing-Series-in-Textiles-Band-127

Industrial Cutting of Textile Materials Drawing on the author's extensive experience, Industrial cutting of textile materials summarises good practice in cutting room operations.

15,90 EUR*
Details Cutting-Edge-Rock-Guitar-Find-Out-Whats-Happening-Out-on-the-Edge-Book-CD-Cutting-Edge-Series

Brand Neu! Auslieferung aus Kalifornien, USA. Lieferung kann möglicherweise zusätzliche Einfuhrgebühren erfordern.

13,11 EUR*
Details Totp-the-Cutting-Edge

TOTP - The Cutting Edge 2CD Sony Music TV, SONY TV 19 CD, 1996, DBL 40 Track

128,48 EUR*
Details AMI-Cutting-Mat-80x120cm-grn

448565 - AMI Cutting-Mats, 80x120cm, selbstheilend, exclusive Ausführung! In grün lieferbar!

24,95 EUR*
Details After-Maths-Cutting-Silence

[{ After Maths: Cutting Silence By Du Val, Talia ( Author ) Jul - 11- 2006 ( Paperback ) } ]

89,91 EUR*
Details OLFA-Gridded-Cutting-Mat-Set

OLFA Gridded Cutting Mat Set-23X70 Clipped

20,72 EUR*
Details Breyer-Cutting-Horse-Play-Set-et-4

Kit Pour Épreuve De Cutting (Tri De Bétail) (Stablemates)

6,03 EUR*
Details Lwenmaul-Cutting-Star-von-Quedlinburger-Saatgut

Löwenmaul, Cutting Star dichte Blütenrispen mit großen Einzelblüten, farbenfrohe MischungAussaatortGewächshaus/FreilandAussaatzeitFebruar - JuniErnteMai - Frost

19,51 EUR*
Details Spiralbohrer-85mm-Durchmesser-Lochsge-Alloy-Cutting-Tool

Spiralbohrer 85 mm Durchmesser Lochsäge Cutting Tool Legierung - Produktname: Legierung Lochsäge;Material: Metall - Farbe: wie abgebildet;Nettogewicht: 453 G - Packungsinhalt: Legierung 1 x Lochsäge - Lochsäge Cutting Durchmesser: 85 mm/8,51 cm ...

5,99 EUR*
Details Austauschbare-100-x-Schleifscheibe-Abrasives-Slice-Cutting-Tool

Austauschbare 100° x ° Schleifscheibe Abrasives Slice Cutting Tool

10,52 EUR*
Details Zylinderschaft-4-Flutes18mm-Cutting-Durchmesser-HSS-Schaftfrser-AL-Werkzeug

Zylinderschaft 4 Flutes18mm Cutting Durchmesser HSS Schaftfräser AL-Werkzeug - Produktname: Schaftfräser, Material: Hss-Al - Schnitttiefe: 32 mm/1,2 ""Shank; Durchmesser: 16 mm/21/32 - Nummer 4: Flöte; Cutting Durchmesser: 18 mm (23/32 - Gewicht: 141 ...

14,91 EUR*
Details 10-x-17-mm-Cutting-Dia-Hartmetall-Schaftfrser-Frser-Werkzeug

10 x 1,7 mm Cutting Dia Hartmetall-Schaftfräser Fräser Werkzeug - Produktname: Schaftfräser; Material: Hartmetall - - Schaftdurchmesser: 3,2 mm/0,13 ""/ 1/8""; Gesamtlänge: (OVL): 38 mm/1,5 "" - Cutting Edge Durchmesser für die Einfuhr (GDE) aus: 1,7 ...

15,12 EUR*
Details Little-B-Thank-You-Cutting-Dies

Little B-Cutting Die. Create beautifully detailed designs with these elegant dies. Each die design comes with one 8x6 inch magnetic storage binder to keep your dies in one place. Cuts with most die-cutting tools. This package contains Thank You Card ...

8,90 EUR*
Details 10-x-10-mm-4-Flute-Zylinderschaft-Endmill-Cutting-Tool

10 x 10 mm - 4 Flute Zylinderschaft Endmill Cutting Tool - Produktname: Schaftfräser, Material: Hss-Al - Schnitttiefe: 22 mm/""Shank 0,86; Durchmesser: 10 mm/0,39"" - Spec.: 4 Gläser; Cutting Durchmesser: 10 mm/0,39 "" - Gewicht: 45 g; Packungsinhalt ...

11,61 EUR*
Details Ambassador-Aluminium-Bypass-Pruner-15mm-Cutting-Capacity-Fast-Postage

Ambassador Aluminium Bypass Pruner 15mm Cutting Capacity Fast Postage - Fast and free shipping

16,63 EUR*
Details Little-B-Cutting-Die-Labels-8Pkg-125-55

Little B-Cutting Die. Create Beautifully Detailed Designs With These Elegant Dies. Each Die Design Comes With One 8X6 Inch Magnetic Storage Binder To Keep Your Dies In One Place. Cuts With Most Die-Cutting Tools. This Package Contains Labels: Eight ...

16,53 EUR*
Details Little-B-Cutting-Die-Stars-10Pkg75-5

Little B-Cutting Die. Create Beautifully Detailed Designs With These Elegant Dies. Each Die Design Comes With One 8X6 Inch Magnetic Storage Binder To Keep Your Dies In One Place. Cuts With Most Die-Cutting Tools. This Package Contains Stars: Ten Die ...

20,41 EUR*
Details Little-B-Cutting-Die-Tags-10Pkg75-65

Little B-Cutting Die. Create Beautifully Detailed Designs With These Elegant Dies. Each Die Design Comes With One 8X6 Inch Magnetic Storage Binder To Keep Your Dies In One Place. Cuts With Most Die-Cutting Tools. This Package Contains Tags: Ten Die ...

11,94 EUR*
Details 5-Stck-08-mm-Cutting-Durchmesser-32-mm-Schaft-Schaftfrser-Werkzeug-2-Flten

5 Stück, 0,8 mm Cutting Durchmesser 3,2 mm Schaft Schaftfräser Werkzeug 2 Flöten - Produktname: Schaftfräser; Material: Wolfram - Schnitttiefe: 5 mm/0,2 ""; Schaftdurchmesser: 3,2 mm/0,13"" - FluteNumber: 2; 0,8 mm Cutting Durchmesser: 0,031/"" ...

9,84 EUR*
Details 1508-cm-geradem-Schaft-155-mm-Cutting-Durchmesser-HSS-Spiralbohrer

1/5.08 cm geradem Schaft 15,5 mm Cutting Durchmesser HSS Spiralbohrer - Product Name: Twist Drill Bit; Material: HSS Cutting; Durchmesser: 15.5 ""/ 0.61 mm - Flöte Länge: ca. 78 mm/Gesamtlänge: ""3.1; Gesamtlänge - Schaft-Durchmesser: 13 mm/1/2 "" ...

10,47 EUR*
Details 10-Stck-5-mm-Cutting-Dia-Flute-2-Bohr-Enden-Spiralbohrer

10 Stück 5 mm Cutting Dia Flute 2 Bohr-Enden Spiralbohrer - Product Name: Double End Spiralbohrer; Eigenschaften: gerader Schaft; Material: HSS - Schaftdurchmesser: 5 mm/0,2 ""; Flöte Länge: 17 mm/0.67"" - Farbe: Grau; Flöte Nummer: 2; Cutting ...

6,12 EUR*
Details 5-mm-Cutting-Dia-HSS-6-Flten-Handreibahle-Frser-85-mm

5 mm Cutting Dia HSS 6 Flöten Handreibahle Fräser 85 mm - Produktname: Hand Reibahle; Material: HSS - Schnitttiefe: 40 mm/1.6 ""Shank; Durchmesser: 5 mm/0,2"" - Flöte Nummer: 6; Cutting Durchmesser: 5 mm/0,2 "" - Gewicht: 10 g; Packungsinhalt: 1 x ...

9,79 EUR*
Details 16mm-Schaft-16mm-Cutting-Durchmesser-4Flten-Schaftfrser-Frser

16 mm, Schaft 16 mm Cutting Dia 4 Flöten End Mill Fräser

6,07 EUR*
Details Unbekannt-Base-Cutting-Pads-275X625-1-EachPkg-

QUILLED CREATIONS-Base and Cutting Pads. The plastic color-coded pads are especially designed to cut Quilled Creations dies. For use with the Quilled Creations Dies and can be used with any major die- cutting rolling machine. This package contains one ...

5,83 EUR*
Details Hardware-Frser-2mm-x-10mm-4Flten-HSS-Schaftfrser-Cutting-Tool

Hardware Griffleistenfräser 2 mm x 10 mm 4 Champagnerflöten HSS Schaft Schaftfräser Cutting Tool - Produktname: Schaft Schaftfräser ;Material: HSS - Farbe Mühle Cutter: silbergrauen;Gewicht: 14 G - Packungsinhalt: 1 x Schaft Schaftfräser - Cutting ...

16,66 EUR*
Details Humbrol-Paint-Spray-A3-Cutting-Mat-AG9157-New

The A3 Cutting Mat is a double sided self sealing cutting mat with scale markings for 1 72 1 76 1 32 1 48 and 1 24 Also features 1cm square grid pattern as well as 30 45 72 90 and 120 degree angle markings markings on one side only

24,99 EUR*
Details SHIMANTO-HINOKI-Cutting-Board-w-Stand-S-220mm-x-15mm-x-220mm

SHIMANTO HINOKI Cutting Board w/ Stand S (220mm x 15mm x 220mm)

8,57 EUR*
Details 12mm-Schaft-12mm-Cutting-Dia-4Flten-Schaftfrser-Frser-Werkzeug

12 mm Schaft 12 mm Cutting Dia 4 Flöten Schaftfräser Fräser Werkzeug

13,44 EUR*
Details 10-Stck-PCB-Wolfram-Hartmetall-Schaftfrser-32-mm-Schaft-19-mm-Cutting-Dia

10 Stück PCB Wolfram Hartmetall-Schaftfräser 3,2 mm Schaft 1,9 mm Cutting Dia - Produktname: PCB Cutter End Mill; Material: Hartmetall - - Schaftdurchmesser: 3,2 mm/0,13 ""/ 1/8""; Gesamtlänge: (OVL): 38 mm/1,5 "" - Cutting Edge für die Einfuhr (GDE) ...