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Details Entity-Relationship-Modeling-Foundations-of-Database-Technology

Entity-Relationship Modeling Database technology and entity-relationship modelling have become established technologies. This text presents advances in this field in a comprehensive survey. It deals with the entity-relationship model and its relation ...

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Details Anstze-zur-Stellenbeschreibung-eines-Customer-Relationship-Managers-Vom-CRM-Konzept-zum-Customer-Relationship-Managers

Inhaltsangabe:Einleitung: In Zeiten des immer schärfer werdenden Verdrängungswettbewerbs, steigender Kundenanforderungen und austauschbarer Produkte und Dienstleistungen rückt die Bedeutung der Kundenbindung als wesentlicher Erfolgsfaktor stark in den ...

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Details Relationship-of-Command

At The Drive In - Relationship Of Command - Cd

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Details Testimony-Vol-1-Life-Relationship

Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship CD Motown, 602498798362, 2006, 15 Track SEALED

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Details The-Employee-Organization-Relationship-Applications-for-the-21st-Century-Series-in-Applied-Psychology

"Employee-organization relationship" is an overarching term that describes the relationship between the employee and the organization. It encompasses psychological contracts, perceived organizational support, and the employment relationship ...

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Details Speaking-Frankly-About-Customer-Relationship-Management-Why-Customer-Relationship-Management-Is-Still-Alive-and-Vital-to-Your-Companys-Customer-Strategy

Is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) an obsolete concept? As technology and cultural changes continue to influence our customer strategies, the terms and methods we use to define them are also changing. Is CRM still relevant as we address the ...

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Details The-Coaching-Relationship-Essential-Coaching-Skills-and-Knowledge

The Coaching Relationship discusses how we can integrate process perspectives such as the quality of the coach-coachee relationship, and professional perspectives including the influences of training and supervision, for more effective outcomes ...

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Details Making-Marriage-Simple-Ten-Relationship-Saving-Truths

Change the relationship you have into the one you want. Welcome to the Relationship Revolution! "Making Marriage Simple"is the accessible, essential road map to building a strong marriage in the modern world. Bestselling authors Harville Hendrix and ...

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Details Entity-Relationship-Approach-ER-92-11th-International-Conference-on-the-Entity-Relationship-Approach-Karlsruhe-Germany-October-7-9-1992-Lecture-Notes-in-Computer-Science-Band-645

This volume comprises the proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on the Entity-Relationship Approach held in Karlsruhe, Germany, October 7-9, 1992. It contains the full versions of all the 22 accepted papers selected from in total 64 ...

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Details The-United-States-and-Mexico-The-Neglected-Relationship

This Ay 2009 USWAC resident student paper explores the U.S. and Mexico relationship. The author argues that while that relationship has significantly improved over the past few years, the U.S. still neglects Mexico -- choosing to put a higher priority ...

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Details Paris-89-Personal-and-Archetypal-Dynamics-in-the-Analytical-Relationship-Paris-89-Personal-and-Archetypal-Dynamics-in-the-Analytical-Relationship-Psychology-August-28-to-September-2-1989

The 11th International Congress for Analytical Psychology was held in Paris from August 28 through September 2, 1989. It is no surprise that the theme of "Personal and Archetypal Dynamics in the Analytical Relationship" succeeded in drawing widely ...

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Details The-Divine-Struggle-Divine-Cosmic-Human-Relationship-in-Jer-IX-Divine-Cosmic-Human-Relationship-in-Jeramiah-IX-Europische-Series-23-Theology-Srie-23-Thologie

The book of Jeremiah presents the biblical story of the divine - cosmic - human relationship with a special focus on its divine dimension. Yahweh, who loves his people passionately and longs to be loved by them, undergoes an inner struggle since his ...

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Details Relationship-Morality

This book is an inquiry into the extent to which human relationships are foundational in morality. J. Kellenberger seeks to discover, first, how relationships between persons, and ultimately the relationship that each person has to each person by ...

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Details How-the-Military-Media-Relationship-Affects-News-Coverage-and-Public-Opinion

Throughout history, the military and the media have shared a somewhat strained relationship, and during the Vietnam War, that relationship was showcased daily via television broadcasts across the United States. It was the first time military leaders ...

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Details Medical-Ethics-and-Medical-Law-A-Symbiotic-Relationship

Medical Ethics and Medical Law This book examines the relationship between medical law and ethics, and how the law sees medical ethics.

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Details What-Your-Doctor-Really-Thinks-Diagnosing-the-Doctor-Patient-Relationship

Ian Blumer looks at the doctor-patient relationship what your doctor will and wont tell you in the examining room.